Does Walmart Have Bike Racks Outside? Tips for going Shopping with your Bike

Let’s face it, cycling to the store is one of the things that cyclists love doing. But, one of the things that may bother you is the issue of parking.

You want your bike to be safe as you shop but what happens if the store doesn’t have a rack or, worse, a parking space? You may have asked, does Walmart have bike racks outside?

This article will help answer all your pressing questions, including alternate ways of securing your bike. Continue reading to learn more.

Does Walmart Have Bike Racks Outside?

Many Walmarts don’t have a bike rack outside. But some store managers let riders park their bikes at a safe area upon request. 

Walmart stores’ that have bike racks have them located further from the building’s entrance. Unfortunately, this has inconvenienced most cyclists and make their bikes a target for thieves.

The good thing is you could push your bike rack inside the store as you do your shopping. Or, you can consider other means of securing your bike outside.

Ensure you carry your U-lock with you the next time you visit the store.

Is Walmart Bike Friendly?

Walmart is bike friendly as a number of their stores have bike racks. Those without bike racks the staff are helpful in finding safe areas where cyclists can park their bikes as they shop.

Upon request walmart can also keep a close watch on your bicycle as you do shopping.

Some stores also allow shoppers to enter with their bikes.

You could also park the bike inside the store near grocery carts if you don’t want to push it on the aisle as you shop. The attendants will gladly keep an eye on it for you for free.

You could also attach it to the cart using your U-lock.

Does Target Have Bike Racks Outside?

Many target stores do not have bike racks outside. They have bo designated areas for cyclists to park their bikes safely as they do their grocery shopping.

Some target stores have added bike racks , but some of their staff use these racks to align their shopping carts on the store entrance.

If you want a parking space, you will need to wait for the shopping carts to be removed.  This can inconvenience you because the carts will only be removed if there are many customers shopping inside.

The planners and engineers could easily sort the issue if they consider storage and parking spaces for shopping carts and bikes, respectively.

Since most stores have an extra room near the entrance, they could designate a part of it for both the racks and shopping carts.

What to Do If There is No Bike Rack?

When you don’t find racks, you may attach your bike to the front of the building or signposts or on the light poles and the surrounding trees.

Bike racks are essential for riders to park their bikes as they go about their other business. However, riders need to consider other parking options when there are no racks in stores or malls.

The same rules on car parking apply to bikes.

Also, benches that are bolted on the ground are a good place to lock your bike.

The worst mistake you can make is parking your bike in the wrong spot, such as behind a building or far away from the building. You will be giving thieves a great opportunity to steal your bike.

Always remember that you want to make it harder for thieves to steal your bike. So, how do you do that? Borrow these ideas the next time you find yourself in an area without bike racks.

  • Find something that looks like a rack that is heavy and cannot be moved. Ensure the thing is not blocking a building entrance or any business.

Use your bike lock to attach the bike to it (tree, light pole, signpost, etc.)

  • Lock the bike wheels using a U-lock and cable lock. Lock the cables inside the wheels to make it difficult for a thief to roll the wheels.

Before you consider the following options: be sure to ask staff of the store of building you are visiting whether they can keep a close eye on your bicycle as you go shopping.

If you don’t have a lock, there are other ways you can try to keep your bike safe. The ways include:

  • Hiding your bike on a bush/shrub where thieves won’t find it easily.
  • Remove the chains connected to the back gear to make it harder for someone to ride away with it.
  • Removing the seat and the front wheel. A thief can still steal it, but it won’t be convenient for him/her.
  • Finally, your last option could be taking the bike inside the store with you.

You should also consider all the ways of storing your bike in every parking space to help you the next time you go cycling.

Final Word

Bikes are a convenient means for you to move around, especially to the stores around you. But, one thing that can kill your vibe is the lack of parking in some of the stores. This is why it’s not uncommon to ask, does Walmart have a bike rack outside?

Though most Walmarts don’t have bike racks outside their building, they allow you to bring them inside.

Other stores such as target have racks outside. But, even when there are no racks, there are other means of securing your bike as you shop.