Do Trunk Bike Racks Work on SUV’s?

SUVs are among the most versatile vehicles you can find. They help transport outdoor-loving families to their desired destination with ease and comfort.

The vehicles come with extra room for cargo, but if you need to carry bikes to a cycling adventure further from home, you need a trunk bike rack.

But one concern you may have is, do trunk bike racks work on SUVs? Yes, trunk racks work for SUVs. Trunk racks don’t require extra features for them to attach to the vehicle, which is why they are good for SUVs.

Keep reading to learn how trunk racks are good for SUVs.

Do Trunk Bike Racks Work on SUV

Yes. Trunk bike racks work on SUVs and other cars because they are designed to adapt to them. They are heavy-duty with features such as a crossbar and hitch that make it easy to install trunk racks.

But, trunk-mounted bike racks don’t require a crossbar or hitch since they attach directly to the vehicle’s hitch. You will need either buckles, straps, or hooks to attach the rack to the vehicle’s hatch.

Since there is a high risk the racks could damage the vehicle; you need to choose racks with padding. This will cushion the vehicle and minimize scuffling when the vehicle is in motion.

However, if your SUV has an extra wheel attached to the trunk, avoid installing the rack.

What Kind of Bike Rack Do I Need for an SUV?

Racks are designed in different shapes and designs for different types of vehicles, including SUVs. When choosing the right type of rack, you need to go for the one that fits your SUV.

Check the following list of bike racks that are a good fit for SUVs.

  1. Hitch-mount Bike Rack

Hitch mount racks are best for SUVs since they don’t require much effort to install unless yours has a spare tire attached on the back.

Some SUVs come with a hitch, which means all you have to do is attach the rack directly on the hitch. But if yours doesn’t have one, you can easily install one using the basic tools. Remember that there are different classes of hitch so go for the one that fits your vehicle.

Hitch racks are best because your vehicle won’t consume more gas compared to other types of bike racks.

Also, the racks won’t pose difficulties when it comes to accessing the rear door. They are available in different options, such as folding and swinging.

You will need straps and trays to hold the racks in place.

A good example of a hitch rack you should consider is, Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Rack.

  1. Trunk Bike Rack

Trunk racks are best for SUVs that don’t have a hitch. All you need is to directly attach the rack on the vehicle’s hatch, and you are good to go.

Another advantage is these racks are lightweight, versatile, and easy to install. They also accommodate more than one bike.

The downside is that the racks are only secured using straps, so it is easy for thieves to steal them. Also, it is difficult to access the rear door when the racks are installed.

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The racks can also damage your vehicle if you don’t put proper measures in place. For instance, padding is a good means of preventing the rack from scraping the vehicle’s paint.

Trunk racks are also affordable compared to the other types of racks.

When considering trunk racks, ensure you go for Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack. They are fitted with cradles that offer security and enough room for up to four bikes.

  1. Roof Bike Racks

Roof bike racks are also good for SUVs. These racks are versatile and come with different accessories to help mount on the roof.

They also provide stability and don’t obstruct your view, unlike the other racks. But, the downside is, SUVs are already high vehicles, with an added roof rack; the vehicle may not meet the height restrictions to access certain places.

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Also, with the vehicle’s height, you will need to lift the bike over your head.  But, once installed, everything will be good from there.

A good example of a roof rack is the Yakima Forklift Rooftop Bike Mount. This forklift is great for mountain bikes of up to 29 inches’ wheel.

The rack doesn’t damage the rack or the vehicle.

How Do You Install a Trunk Bike Rack On SUV?

Installing a bike rack involves the following steps:

Start by opening up the rack in an arch shape. Check the arms of the bike for direction. One end of the rack will lie on the rear window of the SUV while the other mounts on the trunk’s bottom.

Hook the clips on the spaces that separate the vehicle from the trunk. Ensure you attach these clips on the bottom, side, and top of the trunk.

Then tighten the straps by pulling the extra straps. This will provide stability and ensure the bike rack doesn’t fall off.

Shake the rack gently to ensure it is fitted properly. If it moves, ensure you tighten the straps; otherwise, your bike will fall off when you take corners or speed up.

Final Word

SUVs are good vehicles for traveling to a cycling adventure on a not so near destination. Bike racks are designed to fit different types of vehicles, including SUVs.

Each rack comes with different accessories and options to make it easier to mount on the vehicle. So, you have to choose the one that fits your SUV.

Trunk racks are good for SUVs because they are lightweight and easy to install.

Hopefully, this article will help you answer trunk racks work on SUVs and help you choose the right racks for your vehicle.