How can I remember my bike on the roof?

Driving into a garage or a low-hanging bridge with your bike on the roof will damage not only the bike but also the garage. Even though a roof-mounted bike rack has various advantages, it increases the height of your car, which is a drawback.

With an increased height comes the probability of you knocking something, resulting in serious damages.

With all these risks in mind, you may ask how I can remember my bike on the roof? There are several ideas you can consider.

Most of them are cheap and easy and can go a long way to help you remember a bike on your rack. So please keep reading to learn them.

How can I remember my bike on the roof?

You can remember your bikes on the roof by installing a rackreminder up or using a headsup system that will remind you that you have bikes on the roof.

You need to think of creative ideas that will remind you that you have a bike on the roof of your vehicle. For example, you could hang something or place an object at the entrance of your garage.

But if you are worried about public places, then consider hanging a bandanna in your rearview mirror.

But, if you hit something, you won’t forget there is a bike on the roof. This doesn’t mean you should hit something to remember.

Some drivers have done this and opted for other types of racks.

You could also hardwire your brain to always think the bikes are on the roof, and with time, this will become a habit.

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You can also try putting on a marker that is easy to spot. But if you are going to a public garage, put a giant sticker on your steering wheel or the inside part of your vehicle on the driver’s side.

How High is a Car with Bikes on the Roof?

When you’ve mounted your bike on the roof, the height of your car is approximately 3 meters. 

Safe mounting is essential when it comes to roofing rack and rails since bikes are transported in a standing position. The types of vehicle mostly determine the height. If it’s a bigger car, its height will be on the higher side with a bike on the roof.

If the height is problematic, you should try removing the seat and the front wheel of the bicycle.

Each vehicle’s height will vary once you have installed the rails, rack and bike.

There will be restrictions on height depending on where you are going. For instance, before boarding a ferry, your vehicle’s height has to be measured.

Ferries have a maximum height for a vehicle which is 2.5m. So, if your vehicle’s height is above that, you may want to consider other options.

Tips for Remembering There’s Bikes on the Roof

Transporting your bicycle safely is something you want to do every time you are going on a trip. But, what happens when you follow all the safety procedures but still end up damaging your bike, rack, and the car?

Forgetting your bikes on the roof could cost you. You may hit your garage or a low-hanging underpass.

As you know some areas have height restrictions if you fail to pay attention your bike could be ripped off the roof.

Because of this, you should borrow some tips to help you remember there is a bike on your roof rack.

Roof rack reminders are essential.

Here are all the tips you should try include:

  • Place a movable chair or box to block the entrance of your garage

This will prompt you to alight from your vehicle to move it first before driving inside. While doing this, you will spot your bicycle and remove it from the roof.

  • Involve the co-driver

If you have a co-driver or a passenger, task them with the responsibility of reminding you about the bike.

  • Install the rackreminder app

You can purchase an app reminder called RackReminder. This app will warn you when you are 1200 meters from your garage.

All you must do is plot your garage’s position, and once you come near it, the alarm will go off.

The app is only available for iOS users only.

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  • Use a hangtag

This hangtag hangs in different colors that could easily grab your attention. It is meant to hang on your rearview mirror.

  • Install a headsup system

If you have money to spend, you could invest in a HeadsUp System. The system is made up of an LED sign and an alarm mounted on the wall of your vehicle.

It comes with tags that you fix on your bike. The tags trigger the alarm reminding you of the bikes on the roof.

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How Not to Drive Into Your Garage with Bikes on the Roof

Move your garage door opener from its usual place, especially if you have a standalone garage. You can put them in a different place inside your car.

You could also place them on the safe box in the rear or cargo area. Then, when searching for the remote, you won’t forget about the bikes.

Placing an object to block your garage entrance can also prevent you from driving in with bikes. A chair or a barbeque grill or anything that will force you to get out of your vehicle and remove it.

You could also consider other types of racks if all else fails. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to roof rack if it’s causing you so many challenges.

Put a giant sign with the words bikes written on it, on the entrance of your garage. A warning bar that makes noise will also work.

You can also put a sticker on the garage door button so that you remember the bike on the roof every time you try to press it.

A traffic cone will also help. Place it on the entrance of your garage or where you park the vehicle.

Another trick is setting an alarm on your phone as a reminder when you approach your garage. This trick will work at home but not on public garages or low-hanging bridges.

A sensor triggered when there is weight on your rack will help prevent you from driving into the garage.  It is best if you install the sensor on your driveway. Sensors are best for public garages and low-hanging bridges.


Have you ever heard of drivers who would drive into garages or overhangs? Well, this is an example of following all procedures but failing to remember why you followed them in the first place.

You may wonder how a person could forget about a bike attached to the roof until it happens to you.

The truth is it is very easy to forget bike racks on the roof especially if you have lots on your mind. How can I remember my bike on the roof? Is a question that has probably crossed your mind when you were close to hitting a garage or long hanging bridge.

Hitting any of this could result in massive losses and damages, which is why you should consider ways of preventing that.

Blocking the entrance, using sensors, installing a giant sign are some of the tips that could help you remember the bike.

Good luck.