Can You Park A Motorcycle In A Bike Rack?

Motorcycles and bikes are a great asset to an individual. Apart from helping you move from one point to another, they are a perfect way to exercise, explore, and enjoy the adrenaline rush as you engage in various activities.

But with spaces and finances increasingly becoming scarce, you might wonder if your motorcycle can fit on your bike rack. This is critical because you do not want to damage the bike rack or your motorcycle.

So, can you park a motorcycle in a bike rack? Let’s find out together as we also learn how to secure a parked motorcycle.

Can You Park A Motorcycle In A Bike Rack?

You can park a motorcycle in a bike rack, but it’s important to be careful and put some considerations in mind. If you don’t take the time to make sure the bike rack is in good shape or don’t know how to park your motorcycle properly, you might damage the bike rack and your two-wheeled motor.

If you want to park your motorcycle in a bike rack, start by getting all the proper equipment. For instance, make sure that you have some sort of locking mechanism for securing your motorcycle like a chain.

You’ll also need something heavy enough so that no one can steal it out from underneath its lock while it’s parked at night.

Additionally, you should check if your motorcycle has side stands because not all bikes have them. If they don’t, you need to find something sturdy that will hold up the weight of your motorcycle while transporting it.

You should also consider the weight of your bike and the type of rack you’re using. If your bike is relatively lighter, you’ll be fine. However, you may want to get a custom carrier that will lift the rear wheel off the ground so you don’t damage it when turning corners or going over bumps.

How Do You Secure A Parked Motorcycle?

Securing a motorcycle on a bike rack is relatively simple. You want to ensure that you are using the correct tie-down type for your bike and that you have secured it correctly. Many different tie-down types are available for securing your motorcycle to a bike rack.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps such as AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Straps are ideal. Here’s how to do it.

  • Park the bike on level ground with the rear wheel straight and pointed forward.
  • Jack up the bike’s front end until it is just off the ground. However, ensure it has some weight on it so that you don’t damage anything. This will allow you to secure the bike easily without worrying about tipping over during transport.
  • Put one end of a ratchet strap around each handlebar and wrap it around itself three times before tying a knot so that it doesn’t come loose while moving down the road at high speeds. Then secure this end of the strap through an eye bolt on your bike rack or simply tie it securely around something solid underneath your vehicle so it can’t come loose while driving down the road.
  • Repeat step 3 for each side of your motorcycle (front and rear).

Bungee Cords

How to secure a motorcycle using bungee cords such as Vehiclex Bungee Cords

  • Place the bike in the center of the rack.
  • Attach one end of each cord to the top tube of your bike, just behind where your seat would be.
  • Wrap each cord around its own support pole to come back down over the front tire.
  • Use a zip tie or another locking mechanism to secure the ends together and keep them from slipping off.

Cargo Nets

 WUPP Truck Bed Cargo Nets are a great way to secure your bike on a rack. There are two main types of nets, the strap-on style, and the hook-and-loop style. Both types of cargo nets will work well for your motorcycle transportation needs.

Strap-On Motorcycle Cargo Nets

Cargo nets attach to the motorcycle’s top with straps over the seat and undercarriage. They can be adjusted to fit any size motorcycle, and they’re easy to take off when you’re ready to ride.

Hook and Loop Motorcycle Cargo Nets

Hook and loop cargo nets have an elastic cord that goes around the sides and across the bottom of your bike. The elastic cord keeps the net from slipping off during transport and holds it firmly in place during transit so it won’t bounce around or shift around underneath your vehicle like strap-on models sometimes do. These nets are also easier to put on than strap

Other Tips

If you’re wondering how to use a motorcycle rack, here are some tips for safely parking your bike in a bike rack:

  • Lift the rear wheel off the ground and place it in the wheel well of your car.
  • Place the front wheel on the frame’s top so that it’s supported by the frame and not touching anything else.
  • Slide your bike into position on top of your car if you have a roof rack. If not, then position it as close to the driver’s side as possible so that you don’t have to walk too far with your bike when you arrive.
  • Securely attach both wheels by using straps or bungee cords if you don’t have them attached already or if they came with your bike. You want to make sure that both wheels are securely fastened so that they don’t move around while driving down the road or parking lot.


There are plenty of reasons you may choose to park your motorcycle in a bicycle rack, but the most important thing you can do is ensure you do it securely. Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you find out about your specific model before taking action.