How to Protect Paint from Trunk Bike Rack?

A trunk rack is one of the most important assets you can have as a cyclist. It is easy to mount and attach your bike to them. But, you may ask how to protect the paint from trunk bike rack?

Trunk racks can easily scratch off paint from your vehicle. Certain things that can contribute to this, include, failing to properly install the rack and not putting protective measures in place.

This article will help you understand how you can protect paint from the trunk bike rack.

How to Protect Paint from Trunk Bike Rack?

Follow the following tips to protect your vehicle from paint damage.

  1. Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is one of the easiest ways of protecting your vehicle’s paint from damage.  The tape won’t interfere with your vehicle’s paint unless you leave it on for months or weeks.

The tape is also easy to roll out. It comes in different colors, which means you can choose the one that blends well with the paint on your vehicle.

It is UV resistant, so there is no risk of damage when outside. The tape is also easy to remove.

  1. Properly install the trunk Rack

One of the things that contribute to paint damage is a rack that is not properly attached. Start by reading all the instructions in the manual from the manufacturer.

A rack that is not installed properly will swing and wobble, scratching the paint off your vehicle.

Once you have attached the rack, double-check it to confirm that it is secure.

If you find it hard to properly understand or install the bike, ask for help from a bike shop. They will gladly assist you with the installation.

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  1. Use padding on the Mounting points

Racks are made of steel which can easily scratch the paint. So to avoid this, attach padding on the mounting points. The foam pads will minimize scratching.

You could also clean the mounting points to remove dirt. Trapped dirt rubs against the vehicle removing the paint off of it. If you fail to regularly check your racks, dirt will accumulate over time and become a problem for your racks.

  1. Choose the Right Rack for Your Vehicle

The type of bike rack you choose can damage your vehicle if you are not careful. For instance, when you continuously use trunk racks, they can damage the paint, especially if you don’t use foam pads on them.

Also, trunk racks mount directly on the vehicle, which means if not properly secured, it will wobble and scratch the vehicle’s paint.

Final thoughts 

If you regularly use a trunk bike rack, you may ask, how to protect the paint from trunk bike rack? Trunk racks can easily damage the painting on your car if you are not careful.

You need to put protective measures in place to ensure your vehicle is protected. The ways you can try include using painter’s tape, the right rack, and regularly cleaning the racks.

Good luck.