Can you fit bikes in a van? How Many Bikes Can You Fit in a Van?

Nothing beats the joy of riding bikes on new trails. But as you know, getting to these trails involves moving your bikes from one place to another using a vehicle such as a van.

But if you have never transported your bike using a van, your main concern will be can you fit bikes in a van? The answer is yes.

But the number of bikes to carry will depend on the van model since some can carry two while others more. Regardless of the number of bikes you fit in the van, you will need to take some precautions first.

The following article will help you understand how you can fit the bikes and the tips to follow. Continue reading to learn more.

Can You Fit Bikes in a Van?

Yes, you can fit a bike inside a van.  A van is a good means of transporting your bicycles, especially if you have more than one bike.

Keep in mind that there are different models of vans, and each comes with a different storage space.

How you arrange the bikes will determine whether the bikes can properly fit.

Some vans also let you fit in the bicycle without the need to remove the wheels or the handlebars.

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How Many Bikes Can Fit in a Van?

You can fit between two to seven bikes depending on the model of your van.

Vans come with different cargo spaces. While others struggle to fit two, others can comfortably fit four or more.

For instance, sprinter vans come in different lengths ranging from L1 to L4. The lengths are between 8.5 to 15.4 feet.

L1 fits between two to four bikes, while L4 fits between six to eight.

The size of the bike will also determine how many they can go inside the van. Children’s bicycles are small in size hence can fit easily.

On the other hand, adult bikes measure 7 feet in length and have a width of 2.6 feet when the bike is fully assembled.

So the larger the bikes, the lesser you will carry.

Can a Mountain Bike Fit in a Van?

Yes, a mountain bike can fit inside a van. But whether you fit it as a whole or remove some parts will depend on the storage capacity of the van.

Vans are the best way of transporting mountain bikes because of their large size.

Transporting your mountain bike using a van might be convenient, but it robs you of the space to fit in your friends or other cargo.

You also risk damaging the inside of your vehicle if you don’t fit them properly.

If transporting two or more, ensure you tie them in place to prevent them from bouncing around.

Also, if you don’t secure them in place, they can fall off immediately after you open the trunk door.

Important Tips to Consider When Carrying Bikes in a Van

When transporting your bike inside the van, there are certain things you need to remember. These tips will keep your bike in good condition not only but also in the van itself. The tips include:

  • Remove wheels and handlebars

Even though most vans can easily fit a bicycle as a whole, you may need to remove the wheels first if yours won’t. The aim of removing them is to make the bikes smaller for them to fit.

You can also turn the handlebars in sideways to give them room to fit.

  • Fold the rear seats

Put the rear seats down to allow for more space to place the bikes. Also, the gears should face up.

Also, if there is no rack inside the van, ensure you remove the back seats or fold them down to give you more space. Do this if you intend to carry more bikes.

  • Use a blanket 

If carrying more than one bike, consider placing wool blankets between them to prevent them from knocking on each other.

The blankets can also prevent the bikes from damaging the seats and the interior of the van.

  • Arrange the bikes in a parallel position 

Remember, most vans can carry up to four adult-size bikes. But, you need to place them in a parallel position to the longitudinal axis of the van.

  • Use straps or bungee cords 

Consider investing in straps or bungees to secure the bikes inside the van if you don’t want them to wobble. As you know, wobbling can damage the bikes and the vehicle.

Tie the bikes on the floor of the van using the straps and bungees to hold them in place. Or, you can invest in wheel trays.

  • Carry cleaning materials 

Carry extra towels, water, and soap to clean the dirt and mud you collected from the trails. Mud and dirt can ruin the interior of your van.

Ensure you clean your vehicle immediately after the trip to prevent staining.

  • Consider laying down bikes 

You don’t have to place the bikes in an upright position. Most vans have split back rows which means you lay down the bikes.

Also, if you regularly transport your bikes using your van, you should consider other alternative ways of carrying your friends. For instance, you may hire another vehicle for them since bikes tend to take the whole space inside the van.

Final Words

Transporting your bikes inside a van is a convenient way of moving them without spending money on racks.  It not only keeps your bike secure but also limits the hassle of worrying about outside forces interfering with your bike.

This is why you have wondered can bikes fit in a van? Yes, bikes can fit inside a van. Most vans can also carry more than one bike.

If it’s a small van, you will need to take the wheels and the handlebars off for them to fit properly.

As you transport them, keep the above tips in mind to ensure both the bikes and the van is safe.  You can also consider bike racks for your car if transporting bikes in a van is a hassle.

Good luck.