How Fast Can You Drive with Bike Rack?

Nothing beats the joy of going for a cycling adventure on a trail far away. You plan everything, install and lock your rack and bike safely before setting off for the journey.

But, one thing you forget is the speed limit you should stick to. Which is why it’s not uncommon to ask how fast you can drive with a bike rack?

If you have asked this severally, then you are in luck. This article will break down everything you need to know about how fast you can drive with a rack. Therefore, continue reading to learn more.

How Fast Can You Drive with Bike Rack?

While there is no law that advises on how fast you can drive with a car, it is recommended you maintain a speed of 70mph or stick to the speed limit of the road you are using.

Many people do not always consider their speed when driving with a rack.

It depends on the type of rack you have. For instance, you may go at your normal speed for hitch racks, but you will have to slow down when you are taking corners.

On the other hand, your vehicle will consume more fuel when driving with a hitch rack at high speed. Also, you might feel the extra drag at high speed, so it’s recommended that you stick to 70mph.

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If it’s a trunk rack, you should stick to the normal speed limit or much slower because there is a possibility they could come loose at high speeds.

The bottom line is; you should stick to the normal speed limit for every bike rack you have.

How Fast Can You Drive with Bike Roof rack?

You shouldn’t drive past 75 miles per hour if you have a bike on your roof rack

Roof racks are the most recommended means of transporting your bike, even though they harm your gas mileage.

This is because roof racks create air resistance, especially when it’s windy or raining. This then affects the stability of your vehicle, which might cause it to lose control.

You may find it difficult to steer your vehicle hence losing control, especially when driving at high speed.

Since it increases gas mileage because of the wind resistance, you will also feel the drag, which might present you with other challenges on the road.

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You don’t want to cause accidents and injure other road users due to something you can prevent do you?

The manufacturer recommended sticking to provided limit or sticking to the speed limits. Thule Roof Box manufacturer recommended sticking to all the provided speed limits.

Is There a Speed Limit for Cars with Bike Racks?

One of the things you might be wondering about is whether there is a speed limit for your vehicles when carrying your bike rack. Well, there is no set limit, but manufacturers recommended sticking to the provided limit.

What is the Max Speed with Roof Rack and Bikes?

When carrying your bike, you shouldn’t go above 80mph. Going above the recommended speed limit can cause a serious risk.

You may lose control of your vehicle, especially if you’ve carried more than the recommended weight.

Important Tips to Consider When Transporting Your Bike

Whichever means you are using to transport your bike, there are certain things you need to consider for your safety on the road. These things are:

  • Ensure you Don’t Overload Your Rack

You might be tempted to carry more than the recommended number of bikes on your rack. Though some manufacturers don’t state the maximum speed limit, some give the maximum weight. So if the stipulated limit is 200lbs, don’t go above that.

  • Ensure the Rack is Properly Secured in Place

You don’t want the rack flying out when driving. So, ensure you properly lock the rack in place before you start your journey.

You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter when installing the rack. This will prevent you from regretting later due to costly mistakes.

Not all racks are ideal; some come with extra protection, which you should consider. For instance, Thule’s Round Trip Sport Bike Travel Case comes with extra padding and durable armor as a safety measure.

Also, an improperly secured rack can damage the paint on your vehicle. So you must load your bike properly.

  • Note the Height of the Rack

You should ensure that the height of the rack particularly in a parking garage or under low bridges. Also, ensure you note the height of the rack when the bikes are on it.

  • Safety of the Bikes

Also, remember that bike racks can be stolen because thieves perceive them to be valuable. It takes a short time to unlock and remove the bike from the rack. So, you should be careful, especially if you park in an isolated area or an area with many people.

So, ensure you lock your bike properly as a deterrent measure. Locking the bike will make it a challenge for a thief to unlock it.

Keep in mind that your bicycle will be damaged in case of a rear-end. Also, your auto insurance won’t cover the rack or the bike in case of an accident. This is because they consider the bike to be outside your car.

Wrap Up

“How fast can you drive with a bike rack is a common question which bothers many drivers. Though most drivers go up to 90mph, you are advised to stick to the speed limits or go lower.

To be safe, stick to 75mph to avoid unnecessary risk while on the road.

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