Are Bikes Allowed in Malls? And Tips on how to do Grocery Shopping with your Bike

Going to a mall or any other store for shopping with your bike can seem challenging, mainly because of the parking issue. Which is why you may ask, are bikes allowed in malls?

You should know that there are other riders like you with similar questions, which is why the following article will help you answer them. Continue reading to learn more.

Are Bikes Allowed in Malls?

Yes, bikes are allowed inside the mall. But, you should expect a lot of foot traffic which can make it near impossible to ride there.  It is easy to ride on walkways and wide paths on normal days.

Can You Bring a Bike Inside a Store?

It varies with stores. Some won’t mind as long as you don’t shoplift or bring a trail of the mad inside.

Home Depot has no problem since most people push large shopping carts inside.

If it’s a convenient store in your neighborhood, they will allow you to bring your bicycle inside the store, especially at night since it could be stolen.

Some gas stations can also allow you to bring your bike into their store.

But, to be safe, ensure you carry cables and U-lock to secure your bike if they don’t allow you to bring it inside.

Can You Bring Your Bike into Target?

No. Target has a no bike policy inside the store. However, they have bike parking spaces outside where you can lock and pack your bike.

They have video surveillance of the parking area, so you can trust that your bike rack will be safe.

Target considers bike a safety hazard when ridden inside the store

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Where Do You Put Your Bike When Shopping?

You can put your bike in different locations depending on how long you intend to shop, the store, and the rules of your locality. These areas are Bike Lockers, bike stalls, bike parking spaces, car parking spaces, and building façade.

All these spaces are designated areas, and your bike should be safe as you do your shopping.

However, car parking spaces and building façade are not safe for your bicycles.  Drivers might remove your bike from the parking area and park their vehicles. Also, when you park on the building façade, it will be easy for a thief to steal it, as it won’t be linked to anything lockable.

How Do You Go Grocery Shopping with a Bike?  

Going grocery shopping with your bike can seem like a daunting task. As you know, riding with a swaying plastic bag can distract you and make it hard for you to focus on the road. This is why you need to think outside the box.

The following things will greatly help you the next time you go grocery shopping:

  • Get a Backpack

A backpack is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of carrying your groceries when shopping with a bike. It can carry groceries of up to 35 liters.

Backpacks come in different shapes and make. There are those specifically made to carry fragile goods. Some are waterproof with different compartments.

The good thing about backpacks is that it allows you to place both of your hands on the bike handlebars.

Place your groceries on each compartment, put it on your back, and you will be good to go.

  • Get Panniers

Large panniers are a good option when shopping for excess and delicate groceries.

You will need to first wrap your things like sauces or meats using a plastic bag then place them on the panniers. Doing this will prevent the bag from getting wet.

However, you will need two panniers to balance on the bike.

  • Use a Crate

A crate also comes in handy when grocery shopping. You will need to have either a front or a back rack. Start by strapping the crate on the rack using zip ties or bungee cords. From there, you can place your grocery back inside the crate.

  • Use a Trailer

A trailer comes in handy when you have lots of groceries to carry. A child trailer or flat trailer is a good choice. Attach the trailer to the rear end of your bike. You will need bungee cords to tie everything in place.

Final Words

When visiting the store or mall on your bike, one of the questions you may ask is, are bikes allowed in malls? This is because parking options for bikes don’t come easily compared to vehicles.

Each store will have its policy on bikes inside the store. If you are shopping, make sure you carry things like, backpack, panniers, or trailer carry your shopping.

Good luck.