Is a Bike Rack Worth It?

Is a bike rack worth it? As a cyclist, you know the thrill of adventure, and with summer fast approaching, you want to be prepared for every adventure.

But, with some of the best places for cycling being far away, you will need a way to transport your bike. Carrying your bike inside a vehicle is not an ideal way to transport it. So, you consider all the available options and finally settle for racks.

But, after looking at their prices, you wonder whether they are worth your money. Although they may seem costly, a rack is quite helpful.

This article will help you understand whether a bike rack is worth it, so keep reading.

Is Bike Rack Worth It?

Bike racks are worth it when you intend to carry your bike with you in your car. They make transportation less of a chore, especially when you have lots of things to carry.

Hitch racks are worth every penny. They don’t damage your vehicle, and you can secure them without the worry that the front wheel will consistently touch the trunk.

The frames of your car don’t come into contact with a roof rack. This eliminates the worry that it will damage your car.

The racks are also friendly to your bike in that they will be secured appropriately throughout the journey.

Why are Bike Racks So Expensive?

Bike racks are expensive because manufacturers use expensive materials to ensure that your bike is safe on the road. This increases the production costs which are in turn passed on to the consumer. 

There are different types of bike racks, hitch racks, trunk racks, and roof racks.

Each of these is made different from the other with its own set of complexities that make them pricey.

For instance, there are three different hitch-mounted bike racks: Single-arm, Dual-arm, Platform designs.

The single-arm design is the most affordable compared to the rest. Most of them have a single top plate which makes them swing around.

On the other hand, the dual arm has anti-sway cradles that help prevent bikes from swinging and knocking on each other. These arms are correctly secured in place in a complex manner hence the high prices.

Pros of a Bike Rack

If you need a reason to convince you to get a bike rack, the following will do:

  • Eases Things Up

Don’t you just dread when you have to bundle things up together inside your car, even if it means removing your back seats? Well, with a bike rack, there is no need to create space inside your car.

Just mount the rack on your vehicle followed by the bike and you are good to go.

  • Affordable

Not all racks are expensive like the trunk ranks are pretty affordable.

  • Easy to Install

Racks are easy to install. You don’t need a trained professional to help assemble and mount the rack on your vehicle.

You can do everything by yourself in a short time.

  • Additional Storage

Some racks, such as roof racks, come with extra storage space for extra cargo. If you have a lot of stuff to transport, this rack will come in handy.

Some manufacturers even add a storage box. How cool? Right!

  • Suitable to Different Vehicles

Though there are racks for different vehicles, some like rare gate carriers fit every kind of vehicle.

The Cons of a Bike Rack

Even with all their advantages, bike racks too have an upside.

  • Block Plate Number and Rear Lights

Racks mounted on the front or the back of the vehicle block the vehicle’s plate number and lights which is against the law. You can be ticketed or fined heavily if you are caught in some states.

Also, blocking lights could be a recipe for disaster while on the road. Motorists won’t see your vehicle, which could result in a rear-end accident.

  • Expensive

Some of the bike racks are quite expensive. Their complicated designs mean lots of time and expensive raw product were used in their making.

Also, installation of the trailer ball carrier requires a tow ball. The lowest price being $200.

  • Limited to Specific Areas

If it’s a roof rack, you cannot pass through a low-hanging underpass or bridge or on some restaurant’s drive-thru.

  • Increasing Gas Mileage

Due to increased wind resistance and the extra load, your gas mileage will increase. Consumer reports argue that you can see an increase of up to 28% when carrying 2 bikes on your car.

  • No Extra Cargo

Though some racks, such as the roof racks, come with additional spaces, you cannot carry extra items with others. You are also advised against carrying more than the stipulated weight.

Final Words

Going for outdoor adventure is one of the things cyclists look up to. But when it comes to transporting your bike, you may have a hard time.

This is why you may ask, are bike racks worth it?  Yes, they are worth it. You will have an easier time moving with your bicycle from one place to another.

Even though they may be costly, you will appreciate their worth at the end of the day.