Can You Put a Bike Rack on the Front of a Car? Is It Illegal To Use A Front Mounted Bike rack

One of the many questions that most curious cyclists and drivers ask is, Can you put a bike rack on the front of a car? Well, when it comes to bike racks, there isn’t any “right way” to mount them.

But when mounting it in the front, you may wonder whether there are repercussions. You don’t want to do something that can result in ticketing or penalties now, do you?

Continue reading to learn whether it is legal, whether you can install it in a truck, and other common issues you should consider before you buy one.

Can you put a bike rack on the front of a car?

Yes, but only if it does not block the driver’s view. You can attach your bike rack to test it out first before going on your trip.

The make of your vehicle will determine whether a front rack is right for you. Some cars have a high receiver which will put your bike rack and bike on a higher level.

A front-mounted bike rack is recommended for bigger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, Buses, and vans. Other vehicles such as sedans don’t leave too much room for viewing when the racks are installed.

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Keep in mind that your security and other road users are important; if your view is obscured, then there is no need for the rack.

Are Front Mounted Bike Racks Safe?

Front-mounted bike racks are safe just as much as the rear mount bike racks or the roof racks.

The hitch bolts are inserted on the underside of your vehicle the same way you would insert a rear hitch. These hitches are availed in the towing capacity of between 3000lbs and 5000lbs.

The front hitches have also undergone vigorous testing, extra cleaning, and finishing. Most manufacturers also offer a one-year warranty for the hitches.

This tells you that the racks are safe and should give you peace of mind while on the road.

Is it legal to use a Front Vehicle Bike Rack?

There is no specific law stating that you should not use a front-of-vehicle bike rack.  However, common issues affect bike racks that may warrant a ticket or fine from law enforcement officers.

Some of these issues include the visibility of your vehicle’s number plate.

Also, the officers are keen on checking whether the installation of the rack is done properly.

Remember that when it comes to front-mounted bike racks, certain issues always arise. These issues are:

  • The racks blocking the front lights
  • Blocking the driver’s visibility
  • The racks restricting the flow of air in the motor

Can You Put a Bike Rack on the Front of a Truck?

Yes. It is much easier to put a bike rack on the front of a truck than putting one on the front of a small car. This is because the racks don’t obscure the plates or the lights.

To put the rack on the front of your truck, you will need to buy a hitch receiver. You will then have to attach it to the downside of your truck then attach the rack.

The hitch receiver is a great accessory as it can help you carry more than just the bike rack.

What to Consider When Choosing a Front Mounted Bike Rack

When you shopping for a front bike rack, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Some of these things are:

  • The Total Number of Bicycles You Wish to Carry

The number of bicycles you will carry plays a major role in determining which rack will suit your vehicle. Some racks can carry two while others more than two at a time.

When you stack up to four bikes on a rack that is made to handle two, the rack will be handling too much pressure than it is supposed to.

The weight of your rack is also important, just like the number of bikes it can carry. Each rack has a cradle designed to carry a certain number of bikes.

The manufacturer specifies the number of bikes that each rack should carry at a time. So it is important to consider this when you go shopping for a rack.

  • Make and Model of Your Vehicle

Not all front-mounted racks are suited for every vehicle. Each vehicle comes with a fit guide which will help you in determining the type of suitable rack.

Choosing the wrong rack will make it impossible for you to attach the rack to the vehicle. For instance, some racks are suitable for SUVs while others for trucks. Keep in mind that hitch receivers come in different sizes, 11/4 or 2 inches or more, which determines the type of rack you can buy.

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Some receivers could be a bit higher, which can make your bicycle obstruct the road.

  • Is it Blocking Your View?

Your bike rack should not block your view. If it does, then it’s not safe for you or other motorists.

If you already have one who is blocking your view, you can try removing the bike seat.

Final Thoughts

Front-mounted bike racks are not your typical racks. If you have found yourself asking can you put a bike rack on the front of a car, then you know how absurd it may sound. The truth is front-mounted bike racks offer more compared to the other types of racks.

However, they are not meant for every type of vehicle.

It’s not illegal, and it allows you room to monitor your bike and the movement of the rack. Though you may worry about how secure it is, choosing the right front hitch for your vehicle will help your rack under control.