Best 2 Kayak Roof Racks

If you’re a kayaker or canoeist, you know how difficult it can be to transport your gear. You’ve got two options; strap your boat to the roof of your car or use a rack. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but it always helps to choose the right one for the job at hand.

One of the best solutions is getting a 2 kayak roof rack. And because choosing the best roof rack is challenging, we have compiled this extensive listicle to help you out. We have considered the price, weight, and size to give you what is suitable for your current needs.

Leader Accessories Kayak Rack 2-Pair

The Leader Accessories Kayak Rack 2-Pair is a good product at a great price. It’s sturdy and has excellent features like the spring-loaded arms that make loading and unloading kayaks easy. The rack is compatible with most boats but best suited for smaller ones.

This rack is made of sturdy steel and has a durable powder coat finish to withstand the elements and last a long time. These racks are easy to install and come with everything you need to get them set up in no time. Further, it comes with two arms, each of which has an adjustable tilt feature that allows you to fit the rack to your vehicle’s dimensions and roofline angle. This is useful because different vehicles have different size roofs and angles.

The rack is perfect for those that have limited space but still want to be able to transport their kayaks safely. The rack also comes with mounting hardware, so you won’t have to worry about running out to get any extra supplies before hanging it up.

Malone Downloader 2-Pack

The Malone Downloader 2-Pack is an excellent option for storing kayaks on your vehicle. The rack is made of steel and is coated with a black powder coat finish. This makes it durable and weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the harsh elements damaging your roof rack or kayaks.

The bar shape of this roof rack provides plenty of space between each bar, allowing you to store two kayaks side by side on one rack. Attaching this roof rack to your vehicle will only take a few minutes before you’re ready to head out on the water.

Other interesting features include;

  • It is made from durable aluminum, making it strong and sturdy.
  • The product has a black finish that gives it an elegant look while protecting it from rusting.
  • It also has a diamond tread surface that helps prevent slipping when carrying heavy loads on the roof rack.
  • The roof rack is easy to install and remove, making it convenient to use whenever needed.

TMS 2 Pair J-Bar Rack

If you are looking for a rack that will allow you to transport your kayaks safely and securely, the TMS 2 Pair J-Bar Rack might be just what you need. This particular rack is designed to carry two kayaks at once and can be used with any vehicle.

What makes this rack so unique is its design. It has large steel bars that are connected by two pins. The bars are made from heavy-duty steel, so they will not bend or break easily.

These bars are designed to fit into your vehicle’s existing receiver hitch, meaning they fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs. The bars also have an adjustable height, so you can customize them for each type of vehicle. This allows them to fit securely even when transporting different types of vehicles.

The rack has also been designed to transport kayaks on your car’s or truck’s top. It comes with two sets of J-bars that can be mounted onto the front or rear of your vehicle, depending on where you want to mount them and what type of kayak you have. These bars have been specially designed to accommodate any kayak type.

AA-Racks 2 Pair J-Bar Rack

The AA-Racks 2 Pair J-Bar Rack is a 2200 pond capacity rack offering value for money. It is made from steel, which means it’s durable and strong enough to last for years. It’s also corrosion-resistant and weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion ruining your new purchase.

This rack has been designed to be both strong and durable so that it can hold up to the weight of your kayak, no matter how big or heavy. It also features a universal design that works with almost any vehicle, making it ideal for cars and trucks.

XCAR Folding J-Bar Rooftop Kayak Rack

The XCAR Folding J-Bar Rooftop Kayak Rack is a good option for kayakers who want to go on short trips and don’t need to carry more than two kayaks at a time. It has a folding J-bar design, so you can leave it on your vehicle when not in use.

Its anti-rattle bumpers keep the rack from moving around while you drive down the road, which can cause damage if they become loose.

The rack’s durable steel construction will hold up well over time, and it fits roof racks with square and most factory-style crossbars but is ideal for passenger vehicles. Plus, XCAR offers a lifetime warranty on its product.

The folding style racks offer more flexibility when getting them into position on your vehicle, while the four extra straps provide more security.

Malone Foldaway-5 Multi-Rack

If you’re looking for a perfect 2 kayak roof rack, the Malone Foldaway-5 Multi-Rack is an excellent choice. This rack can be used on any vehicle, from a car to an SUV, and it even has an additional feature; it can be folded up when not in use

This is the perfect solution if you’ve ever worried about your kayaks falling off while driving or parking the car. It is a super sturdy and convenient way to transport your kayak. It can be folded up when not in use, making it easy to store in your garage or attic. The rack has five tie-down straps that can be used to secure the kayak or any other large object that needs to be transported.

Its other features include;

  • The rack is made from plastic and steel, making it both lightweight but strong to handle your kayak
  • The rack folds up easily so that it takes up less space when not in use, which is ideal for those who store their kayaks in a garage or shed during the off-season.

DrSportsUSA Folding Kayak Carrier

The DrSportsUSA’s Folding Kayak Carrier is a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-use kayak carrier. It is designed for use with 1 or 2 kayaks due to its adjustable style.

It is the right choice if you’re looking for an affordable option that can be installed on various vehicles. This rack is designed to fit nearly all types of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and RVs with a maximum load capacity of 150 pounds. It also has a rubber pedal and foam protector to keep your vehicle’s roof scratch-free.

This carrier also features a wide base plate with multiple studs that provide stability while driving over rough terrain or bumpy roads. This ensures that your kayak stays secure during transportation, even if there are sudden changes in speed or direction.

Yakima JayLow Rooftop Mounted Kayak Rack

The Yakima JayLow Rooftop Mounted Kayak Rack is a non-foldable rack that allows for transporting kayaks safely and securely. It is an excellent choice for those who want to save money on installation.

It features two main components; the base plate and the crossbar. The base plate attaches to your vehicle’s roof rack using a clamping system, while the crossbar attaches to both sides of the base plate using locking pins. This combination allows you to carry two kayaks on your roof rack without sacrificing strength or stability.

The rack also has a steel material, making it durable and perfect for families or friends who love to go out on the water together. It also has four straps that secure the kayak to the base plate. These straps can be adjusted to fit your vehicle’s roof rack.

Its other features include;

  • It fits most crossbars, round, square factory, and aerodynamic crossbars
  • 100% bolt-on installation

IKURAM Folding J-Style Rack

The IKURAM folding J-style rack is one of the best options for transporting your kayak because it offers many advantages over other models on the market. It has a unique folding mechanism that makes it easy to store and transport when not in use. You can also adjust its height, which allows you to carry different types of boats on it.

This kayak rack has been designed with two solid steel support bars welded together at their ends to form an “X” shape. These bars are held together by nuts and bolts that give them additional strength so they don’t bend or break when transporting heavy loads.

The product comes with an adjustable mounting system that allows you to adjust its height according to your needs so you can carry both large and small boats on it without any problems. The rack comes with an adjustable strap that you can use to secure your kayak onto the rack. It also has foam padding on its top side for better protection of your boat from scratches and dents. The foam padding also helps prevent scratches on your car’s roof during the transportation of your kayak.

Malone Stax Pro2

Malone Stax Pro2 is an excellent kayak carrier for those who enjoy going on long trips. It is a very sturdy and reliable product that can hold up to two kayaks at once. Further, it is designed to secure the kayaks tightly on the roof of your car, so you can drive safely without worrying about them falling off.

The rack has many great features that make it an ideal choice for transporting your kayaks. It has an innovative design that allows you to load and unload your kayaks easily and safely secure them on the roof of your car.

It also comes with ratcheting tie-down straps that allow you to secure the kayaks during transportation securely. These straps are easy to install and remove and lock onto the rack securely without causing any damage or scratches on either side of the vehicle or boat itself.

The product has a lifetime warranty, so you know it will last for years.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of some of the best 2-kayak roof racks on the market. As you can see, there are many options, so it can be hard to choose one. We recommend checking what kind of kayak and vehicle type you have before choosing a rack. Further, we suggest looking for an option with more cross bars with a universal fit and straps for versatility and more security.

In conclusion, it’s not just about finding the best kayak rack for your vehicle but also finding one that is best for you. We hope this review has been helpful in your quest for the best 2 kayak rack.