BOB vs. Thule jogging strollers

bob vs thule jogging strollers

Exercise is vital as it guarantees a healthy lifestyle, especially for young parents. As you nurture your kid, you will notice that you always have limited time for a small run or head out to the gym. However, through the invention of jogging strollers, you now have the ideal platform to go out for a … Read more

Thule vs Yakima Bike Rack

yakima vs thule bike racks

Depending on your preferences when shopping for a bike rack, there are many options, some good and others not so good. But if you have ever shopped for a rack several times, it is an open secret Thule, and Yakima bike racks are among the best. And with these two options, it becomes challenging to … Read more

5 Best kayak bike trailers

bike trailer for kayak

Kayaking is a popular sport worldwide because of the unparalleled thrill one experiences when soaring through rushing waters. There are a lot of kayak brands available on the market, and acquiring one of good quality is not an issue. That said, just like any other sport, there are underlying problems facing kayaking, the major one … Read more

Do Bike Trailers Fit All Bikes?

bike trailer on any bike

A bicycle trailer is a wheeled frame with a hitch system for carrying cargo while riding a bicycle. It can significantly boost a bike’s capacity for carrying freight, enabling point-to-point transportation of items up to 3 cubic meters in volume and weighing up to half a ton. One of the first things you should look … Read more

How Far Can a Kayak Hang Out?

kayak hang out truck

Kayaking enthusiasts understand the importance of a convenient transportation method when moving their kayaks from one point to another. Most carry them using truck utility racks, roof racks, or on their truck beds. All three methods are deemed reliable and safe. For truck owners, it is necessary to understand how hauling objects with overhangs might … Read more

Are Bike Racks Safe for Long Distance?

bike rack safety for long distances

Bike racks are an exciting invention for bike enthusiasts. They allow riders to carry their bikes along with them and enjoy riding no matter where they go. But for many, the idea of transporting their bikes for long distances can be a little bit scary.  After all, you don’t want to take risks with your … Read more

Bike Racks for Honda Odyssey

odyssey bike racks

Cycling expeditions are most fun when undertaken with large groups of people. Imagine going for a bike riding session with a group of friends or family who are cycling enthusiasts, out of town. Wouldn’t that result in some of the best experiences and memories? The problem would be selecting a suitable means of transport large … Read more

Best 2 Kayak Roof Racks

two kayak roof rack

If you’re a kayaker or canoeist, you know how difficult it can be to transport your gear. You’ve got two options; strap your boat to the roof of your car or use a rack. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but it always helps to choose the right one for the job at hand. One … Read more

Can A Bike Rack Be Used For Skis?

skies on bike racks

As a sports enthusiast, owning a bike and ski is probably not uncommon. Additionally, it is common to be faced with the challenge of whether you can use your bike rack for transporting your ski. This is so because the two may seem to fit well perfectly. But have you ever tried fitting your ski … Read more

Are Bike Racks Bad For Your Car

bike rack not good for car

For bike lovers all over the world, bike racks are a godsend. You can easily carry your bike around without worrying about it falling over or having to walk with it yourself. But there are some things to consider when using bike racks on cars. Can a bike rack damage your car? How do you … Read more