5 Best kayak bike trailers

Kayaking is a popular sport worldwide because of the unparalleled thrill one experiences when soaring through rushing waters. There are a lot of kayak brands available on the market, and acquiring one of good quality is not an issue. That said, just like any other sport, there are underlying problems facing kayaking, the major one being transporting your kayak to your favorite kayaking location.

There are various ways of achieving this feat, like using vehicles and bike trailers and carrying the kayak physically. If you live near your favorite kayaking location, it makes more sense to use a bike. The article below will, therefore, focus on the best kayak bike trailers available on the market. I will also highlight some factors you should consider before acquiring your trailer. Read on for further details.

1. Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer, Black

The Rambo bikes canoe trailer allows you to transport your kayak to your preferred location without hassle. It is adjustable to fit kayaks of various sizes (8-10 inches in length and 3 inches in width) and has tied-down straps to secure your kayak. It is made of steel to guarantee strength and durability.

To use the Rambo Bikes canoe trailer, you must install a rear luggage rack to place your kayak. Rambo Bikes incorporate padded contact points that help protect your kayak from unnecessary scratches. The maximum load capacity for this trailer is 70 lbs. when attached to the bike and 300 lbs. if you choose to pull using your hands.



  1. Adjustable to fit kayaks of various sizes
  2. Portable
  3. The straps provide extra safety
  4. Durable


  1. You have to modify the hitch to cater to maneuvering
  2. Made for Rambo Bikes only

2. GanFindX Lightweight Design & Quick-Detachable Sit on Top Kayak Trolley Cart with Flat-Free Wheels, Suitable for Plug Holes

The GanFindX kayak trolley cart features a high-strength aluminum make, which makes it lightweight (only 3.9 pounds). You can, therefore, use it in any environmental condition without risking damage to your kayak or the trailer. The two wheels boast rigid rubber (airless EVA foam tires) that can withstand corrosion and rust. You, therefore, get the guarantee of a prolonged lifetime when you acquire this cart.

The GanFindX also features quick assembly without tools for 30 seconds. You can always disassemble it when you want to store it and later assemble it conveniently if you need its services. You don’t always have to disassemble it because it can be easily carried as a whole.

The unique fashion and personalized design make the GanFindX stand out among other trailers. The blue gasket protects the metal from knocks while the fluid-structure allows water to flow out effortlessly.

The loading capacity of this trailer is an impressive 220 lbs. making it an ideal trailer to transport even large and heavy kayaks.


  1. Portable when assembled and disassembled.
  2. High-strength tire design.
  3. You don’t need to have tools to assemble, thus saving on time and energy
  4. The 20 mm axle diameter features a triangular design that helps improve product stability.


  1. Weak pads that often get cut by the metal bracket.
  2. The wheels are prone to breakages, and you may be forced to replace them regularly.

3. AILBLAZA C-Tug Kayak Cart with Puncture Free Kayak Wheels C-tug Canoe Trolley Cart

The AILBLAZA C-Tug is one of the best-selling kayak carts because of its simple but extraordinary design and extensive list of features. It boasts a tool-free assembly and dismantling option that takes only 20 seconds. You, therefore, get the luxury of quick and easy transport to your preferred kayaking location.

The puncture-free, high-grip rubber tread wheels ensure you don’t have to worry about punctures. The axle features a kickstand that allows you to travel on all terrains. In essence, you can kayak anywhere with this set of wheels.

The C-tug is made to last as it comprises thermos-bonded elastomeric pads, reinforced composite material, and stainless steel that makes the whole model rigid and prevents rust.

An added advantage of acquiring the AILBLAZA C-tug is that it has added components like a C-tug kickstand for extra strength, a C-tug cross beam that serves as the axle, and the C-tug strap kit and ladder locks to hold your kayak and 2 C-tug hull pads to lock your kayak.

The trailer can transport kayaks weighing as much as 300 lbs.


  1. Tool-free assembly, which allows you to save time and energy.
  2. Lightweight hence portable.
  3. Reinforced composite material for durability.


  1. Although the wheels are made of reinforced polymers, they are prone to breakage, especially when exposed to high temperatures.
  2. It may be challenging to transport your kayak on sand because the openings on the wheels may let in the sand.
  3. Price may be an issue to some, considering the availability of cheap options.

4. CANALHOUT Lightweight 304 Stainless Steel Kayak Carrier Trolley Cart

The CANALHOUT kayak bike carrier is a product every kayaking enthusiast must try out because of the outstanding features on offer. The 304 stainless steel material guarantees rigidness and a prolonged lifespan with minimal chances of damage when you observe proper maintenance.

It also features 1-inch solid rubber that is strong and can withstand all road surfaces. Forego the worry of having unexpected punctures during transit because they are pressure-free. Additionally, you don’t need any expertise or tools to assemble and disassemble this carrier as it only takes one minute to complete the task.

The CANALHOUT kayak carrier also has an adjustable strap and width, making it an ideal option for someone who has various sizes of kayaks. You can also increase the width to enhance stability during transit. The carrier has a buckle to prevent the kayak from twisting and swaying sideways.

The maximum load capacity for this model is an impressive 220 lbs. Since it features a simple operation, you can adequately load your kayak alone. You also get added components such as carrying metal buckle straps, feet in the tires, high-strength rubber, and wider tires to enhance performance.


  1. Quick assembly that saves on time.
  2. Can be used to move other things besides kayaks. For example, household items like chairs and tables.
  3. Made of durable material (stainless steel and reinforced rubber).
  4. Since the wheels are broad, expect stability and optimal performance even when making sharp bends.


  1. You may require different wheels when transporting your kayak on the sand. Otherwise, the wheels are good to go on hard surfaces.

5. WIKE Kayak & Surf + Sailboard Trailer

The WIKE Kayak trailer features a folding aluminum frame that not only makes it strong but also lightweight. It ensures you can move around on your bike with a large kayak smoothly trailing behind you. The foldable supports make it easier to store your trail and can hold a kayak or canoe weighing up to 70lbs.

The quick hitch feature ensures the kayak stays behind the rear wheels, leaving no room for collision. Another outstanding feature is the incorporation of removable aluminum wheels that allow you to store the trailer easily when not in use.

The high-precision ground bearings ensure a smooth transit because they allow the trailer to stay on track even when you are speeding or taking sharp bends. Unlike other trailers, which are made to fit only specified kayaks, the WIKE kayak trailer has an adjustable cart width that can accommodate different types of Kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards.


  1. Lightweight.
  2. Affordable.
  3. Versatile use (also transports canoes and paddleboards).
  4. Quick-release wheels.
  5. Can also be used by hand.


  1. Not ideal for heavier boats.

Factors to consider when acquiring a kayak bike trailer

1. Load Capacity

If you own a heavy kayak, you should acquire a trailer that can sufficiently hold that weight. Otherwise, you will damage your trailer and kayak if you use a trailer that cannot carry the kayak.

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2. Security

Endeavor to buy a kayak bike trailer that has enhanced security features such as reinforced straps, locks, and pads. It safeguards your kayak from theft and damage.

3. Budget

Since there are many kayak bike trailers available in the market, you must choose the one that fits within your budget range. Often, expensive options have a quality build and tend to last longer than cheaper options.

4. Installation

All the trailers in the above list are easy to install within a few minutes. You don’t need any expertise. Avoid trailers that require you to use specific tools to assemble and disassemble them.

5. Storage and maintenance

The way you store your kayak bike trailer determines its lifespan. Store away from dust and rain to enhance durability. Use grease to prevent corrosion and rust if the trailer has moving parts. Your storage space should also determine the size of the kayak trailer you buy. Acquire a foldable model if you have small storage space.


The above are the five best kayak bike trailers on the market. However, you will find that there are more designs according to brand, price, and make. The above list only guides you to let you know what you should be looking for without much hassle. Consider the above options and factors to get a kayak bike trailer that best serves your needs.

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