Hello everyone, My name is Hazel Grace: a mother, writer, cyclist and I have just added a new hobby – kayaking.

I aim to create a resourceful blog for anyone looking for information about racks, be it bike racks. kyak racks skis racks and more. This blog is a useful resource for both beginners and experienced people who want to find more information about racks.

Racks are getting more advanced with time and it is becoming hard to stay on top of all the new features and new products in the market.

I will try to sieve through the new products and share my honest thoughts.


Like many people I took up cycling in an attempt to lose weight after I had tried various methods with little success.

So, I  got myself a cheap mountain bike, and well…I have never looked back since. My love for cycling has grown and I have now done several bike tours and still can’t get enough.

I started with a cheap mountain bike and I have upgraded to have a collection of bikes.

Recently, a friend introduced me to kayaking and I am loving it with time.

I also look forward to sharing my experience with kayaking.